Staff Education

Park Manor is interested in the continuing education of our staff. We conduct and arrange for educational programs at Park Manor on an ongoing basis. Employees will receive an annual staff education calendar for each year.

These programs are classified as follows:


Attendance is required for all employees on an annual basis. Equivalent time off with pay (timeback) or payment (based on shift) will be granted. Mandatory education session include annual employee competency recertification. This includes WHMIS, Fire Safety, Freedom from Abuse, Resident Rights, Mission Statement, Management of Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties, Least Restraints, Personal Health Information Act, Protection for Persons in Care Act, Workplace Ergonomics, etc.

Job Specific

Attendance is required for employees for whom the training is applicable and who average pay of 15 hours per week or more during the previous year. A list of those for whom this is applicable will be posted early in the calendar year. Job specific training includes department meetings and General Staff meetings


Attendance is optional as these education sessions are intended for the personal growth of employees. Examples of life-style education sessions include Stress Management, Respectful Workplace, Retirement Planning, etc.

Employees will receive an annual staff education calendar at the beginning of each calendar year which will include scheduled Mandatory and Job Specific educational programs for that year.