Food Services

The Dietary Department provides quality nutrition care and meal services to the residents of both Park Manor Care and East Park Lodge, staff, visitors, volunteers, Adult Day Program and Meals On Wheels.


Park Manor Care has a kitchen on site, and we pride ourselves on providing nutritious home-cooked meals and baking. The resident menu is a five week rotational menu, and is adapted to accommodate therapeutic diet and texture modifications. Each resident’s food preferences are respected, and alternate menu items are provided for food dislikes.

In accordance with the policies of Park Manor Care, the Dietary Department serves home-cooked vegetarian meals from the cafeteria for staff, visitors, and volunteers to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Park Manor Care does not serve pork, pork products or shellfish, however the menu does provide beef, fish, and poultry. Special considerations are provided for those following a specialized diet based on culture or religious beliefs, including vegetarian meals. Refreshments are offered between meals and in the evening.

Family/guests may dine with residents by prior arrangement. Please notify dietary staff by 10:00 a.m. if dining at lunch or by 2:00 p.m. if dining at supper. There is a nominal charge for visitor meal service to be paid prior to the meal at the cafeteria.

Park Manor Care also provides meals to tenants from our East Park Lodge seniors residence, for those who wish to order in advance.


Park Manor Care provides over 6000 meals per year for Meals on Wheels. We prepare hot meals and/or supper bag for residents living in the community of Transcona. This service is offered Monday-Friday, with delivery beginning at 11:00 a.m.