End of Life Care

Park Manor Care offers complete 24/7 Professional Nursing and Personal Care Services.

End of Life Care is an indispensable component of the care provided at Park Manor Care. Several staff and volunteers are presently trained in this area and endeavor to meet the needs of residents and their families facing the inevitable issues surrounding death and dying.


Park Manor Care Staff and Volunteers:

  • Will provide active, compassionate, multi-disciplinary, palliative care to residents and their families, when an illness is considered terminal or irreversible.
  • End of Life Care encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual.
  • Through continued communication, education and research, we will endeavor to provide comprehensive palliative care.

Care and Support of Residents facing end of life

  • Helping the resident to “live until they die”
  • Providing comfort care and managing pain
  • Providing spiritual care and support
  • Ensuring that residents understand their illness and allowing them to participate in decisions concerning care
  • Ensuring that someone is always close by or with the person who is dying
  • Providing overall care, comfort and support throughout the journey

Care and Support of Families

  • Offering families care and support as they journey through the dying process with their loved ones
  • Offering hospitality and meeting the needs of those families that are keeping a bedside vigil
  • Offering families grief and bereavement support after the loss of their loved one