COVID-19 Visitation and Others

We surely praise and thank the Lord for His constant protection to all of us here at Park Manor Care. We continue to implement staff self-screening at the beginning of each shift with staff signing A Declaration Form at the staff entrance as we come to work each day. Enhanced cleaning by our housekeepers continue and regular reminders through our paging system for everybody to sanitize and clean frequently touched areas at each workstation continues. We encourage anyone who is not feeling well to stay home.

Outdoor visitation was preferred by many families and friends but due to the colder temperature recently we discontinued the outside visits and started using our First Floor South end Lounge for indoor visits. We have been recently informed that the government will be providing Park Manor Care with an attached shelter to be used for indoor visitation. Onsite preparation and installation is estimated to start on September 29, 2020. The plan is for this shelter to be operational by the last week of October.As we continue with visitation, we would like to remind all families, friends and visitors that:

  1. Mask and face/eye shield must be worn at all times while visiting residents.
  2. Visitors may bring food and beverages for the resident but no food or beverages may be consumedby visitors as masks and eye protection must be worn at all times.
  3. We have limited visitation hours for designated visitors on the weekend. Please be advised thatyou may need to wait while all visitors are screened before entering the building.
  4. Bathrooms are not available for non-designated visitors.

Should you have further questions and concerns please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much.


Abednigo M. Mandalupa Jr., MMBM/DHRM/CPA
Chief Executive Officer