We are living and working in an extraordinary time. COVID-19 has changed our lives a significant amount in a very short period of time, both at home and at work. We have appreciated the cooperation and flexibility that our staff have shown as we have taken steps to limit visitors, add daily staff screening before shift and implement provincial requirements for personal protective equipment.

Your commitment to our residents and to each other has never been more evident. Thank you for your compassion and your professionalism during this difficult time.

In addition to the changes already mentioned, all licensed personal care homes in Manitoba are being required to participate in a provincial move to a single site personal care home staff model beginning May 1, 2020. At this time, this change will affect nursing and support staff that work in more than one licensed PCH in Manitoba. This order will be in place for an initial six month timeframe.

We are working to identify staff that work at both our location and at other sites. We expect information in the coming days about how staff will be matched within workplaces and we are committed to minimizing the impact and disruption to our staff while ensuring the care of our residents is not interrupted.

Work is underway to provide information about what options you may have to identify a preferred location. Discussions are ongoing to finalize details for staff who normally work more than a 1.0FTE across multiple locations and to identify support for staff that may need help securing child care.

Change is not easy and we expect there will be some bumps as we implement this change however we will do everything possible to minimize the impact to you and to the residents you care for.

Like other provinces, we do believe that this is a necessary step to protect our residents, many of whom are at greatest risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19.

Thank you.

Should you have any questions regarding the above–mentioned please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Abednigo M. Mandalupa Jr., MMBM/DHRM/CPA
Chief Executive Officer