Admissions Process

Admissions are coordinated throughout Winnipeg by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority / Long Term Care Access Center. Applications are filled out by Homecare Coordinators or Hospital Coordinators and sent to the Panel Review Board.

Paneling is the approval process for admission to the Personal Care Home Program. The completed PCH application is presented by the Coordinator to a panel of experts in Long Term Care. Their role is to review the application information to ensure the most appropriate care option has been determined. The day the application is approved is referred to as ‘Panel Date’.

If the application is approved…

  1. The individuals name is placed on the waiting list for their preferred and/or alternate choice of Personal Care Home and maintained at the Long Term Care Access Center.
  2. All applications for Park Manor Care are kept by the LTC Access Center on the ‘Long Waiting List’ by Panel Date.
  3. Park Manor Care receives applications from the LTC Access Center a few at a time to be placed on the home’s ‘Long Waiting List’.
  4. The Director of Resident Services and Social Worker for Park Manor reviews the application, contacts the individual or power of attorney to ensure the Home can meet the individual needs and provide waiting list time frames.
  5. If approved, the person is placed on Park Manor Care’s ‘Short List’ to wait for bed availability.
  6. When a bed is available the social-worker will contact the applicant or power of attorney to arrange the admission date and time.