New Facility Testimonials

I am writing this letter in support of Park Manor Personal Care Home as a facility that has maintained a 40 year commitment of compassionate and caring service to the community of Transcona and desires to continue that service in the future. Park Manor is a major asset to this community; however with an aging population the present facility is too small and needs to be improved in available beds, areas of privacy and recreational space.

D. W. Marsh, M.D.
Transcona Medical Clinic

Park Manor Personal Care Home has reached a cross roads with a question - do we continue as we are, congratulating ourselves with our past record, or do we prepare ourselves for the future by upgrading our 40 year old facility to meet the challenges and demands of an increasing aging population?

This letter is in support of Park Manor Personal Care Home as a facility that has maintained 40 years of compassionate and caring services to the community. I believe that a complete makeover of this 40 year old facility will benefit us all and prepare us for tomorrows challenge.

Paul Martin

Mom wasn't in Park Manor for long, as she passed away in October of 2006. My husband and I are thankful that Mom spent her last moments in her "other home" and with people that cared for her.

The need is great in Transcona for a new and enlarged facility for our seniors. My husband and I totally support the expansion of Park Manor.

Diane Truderung
Transcona Biz

Park Manor is a very special facility. For more than forty years it has provided for the needs of the remarkable people - the pioneer citizens of Transcona. The special care and consideration offered to those pioneer citizens by the staff and administration is a very important example of really caring for others who need help and support that they so well earned.

This expansion of Park Manor will keep pace with the increase in the number of citizens that will require care and meet their higher standards and expectations. True love and charity are in abundance at Park Manor. God bless all who share in giving.

Bernie R. Wolfe

Park Manor not only cares for it's residents, but is a wonderful community presence in its support of the community Seniors Meal Program and participation in community events.

We support the proposed plans we have seen for redeveloping the facility, as it will ensure the continuance and furtherance of the excellent care now offered, and provide needed space for the aging sector of Transcona's population.

Rev. Carol Fletcher and  Rev. Jeff Cook
Transcona Memorial United Church

Park Manor is important because it provides the level and type of care that so many people in our community need as they advance in years. There seems to be a long waiting list for rooms, as some of our members have long waited to find a room at Park Manor.

I believe that the redevelopment of the facility will allow for the continued care these important people require. When looks at the wonderful facilities that exist in other parts of the city it is easy to see the need for redevelopment at Park Manor. We hope that those who make such decisions will be moved to consider our circumstances.

Rod Giesbrecht, Pastor
Tabor Baptist Church

As a Catholic Priest, I visit Park Manor to minister Holy Communion and say Mass. I find the Staff to be very friendly and helpful, and I truly enjoy my visits with the residents.

My only comment would be that the space we use is too small and it would be beneficial to have a larger space to extend my service. Park Manor is truly a very needy service in our area as our community is getting older and are in need of assisted living.

Fr. Jan Spyrka
St. Joseph the Worker Parish

Moving a family member to a care facility can be an extremely heart-wrenching experience for a family. I am convinced that the administration and staff at Park Manor have made this transition a priority.The quality of care and the  familial greetings are greatly appreciated by all.

Rev. Fr. Owen Steeves, Pastor
Blessed Sacrament RC Church

As we hear about the redevelopment of your facility, we're thrilled to think that even greater impact, in terms of care and compassion, can happen in Transcona. As a church, we fully support and stand behind your future efforts. If there is any way that we can help in this process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Rev. Steve Janz
Transcona Alliance Church

I am writing in support of the application from the Park Manor Personal Care Home to build a new personal care home in our community.

Considering the need for more personal care home beds in our community, and taking into consideration the excellent record of services by this facility, I am pleased to offer my support for this project.

Rev . Michael Krochak
St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church

The most important feature of the proposed 100 bed facility is the provision for an individual room and bathroom for each resident. When caring for residents with a wide range of physical needs, it is more respectful to care for them in a personal space rather than a a shared space. Meaningful visitation by family and friends is always compromised when you are aware that someone is listening in the other half of the room.

We are very grateful for the care that my mother is receiving in Park Manor Personal Care Home and we are also grateful for the compassionate and respectful manner the staff demonstrates to our family.The proposed 100-bed facility will allow the Park Manor Staff to continue in their commitment to provide compassionate care while respecting each resident's unique qualities and situations.

Ann Halbesma

The important thing for our family is that since we are Transcona residents, we could walk over and visit Mom at any time. this easy access was of great benefit to us and made Mom still feel part of the local community.

I would close with saying that what the staff at Park Manor do with their present facility is amazing - I wonder what they could achieve with a modern facility. They deserve the opportunity as do the residents, present and future.

Douglas Smart

We feel that Park Manor is important to our community because, as aging baby boomers ourselves, we want to feel confident that a facility such as Park Manor will be available not only for ourselves but also for our aging parents. As well. consider the many jobs that are available to many people in our community. Also, we feel a new, larger and better facility would enable more services to be offered to the community, such as a day care center, palliative care for the terminally ill, even possibly a treatment center for the care of patients requiring daily rehabilitation in the community.

Having said all this, we feel and believe it is imperative that the redevelopment of Park Manor will be a great benefit to us all.

Brian & Lucy Dolphin