Park Manor Care New Facility Rendering

Park Manor Care has been considering redevelopment options for the last number of years; driven by the need to ensure that the residents of Transcona and the surrounding area receive quality personal care home services. We at Park Manor Care are committed to continue providing these services for many years to come.

With the Manitoba Government's "Aging in Place" strategy and it's initiatives to renovate shared spaces and add supportive and assisted living spaces, we feel that the time is ideal to move forward with an addition of 120 beds (private room, private bath) and a refurbishment of the existing building.

Park Manor Care currently has 100 beds - 44 private rooms, 20 semi-private and 4 four-bed wards; only 22 of the 100 beds are completely private including their own washroom.

The new "state of the art" facility will include 120 new private rooms with their own washrooms. Each wing of the new building will have its own dining room accommodations and ample recreation spaces. The main floor will incorporate a chapel with the capability of holding funeral services in the facility, and have a library, funded with assistance from the Transcona Rotary club.

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Street View
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mainentry web
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Parking Lot

We have commissioned LM Architectural Group to do the architectural renderings of the new facility. They have many years of experience dealing with strategic planning, feasibility studies, master plans and design concepts covering all key architectural sectors.

We have chosen the Pink Flamingo as the appropriate mascot for this endeavor.

For more information on the project please contact Julia Dreger at (204) 222-3251 (ext. 248) or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..